Festo (Hauppauge, NY) introduced PositioningDrives software for designing single-axis drive systems. Engineers input application requirements and the software details the information necessary to create a Festo component parts list, including electromechanical actuator, motor, drive, cables, and other accessories. The software also delivers documentation about the single-axis system to share with internal teams and end users. Once application parameters have been entered, the software identifies single-axis system combinations from a range of components, including electromechanical linear actuators, motors, gear units, drives, and software. Application details entered into the software consist of mounting orientation, load, stroke, and precision. There are also options for specifying the motion profile, including speeds, accelerations, and positioning times. In the design process, combinations of actuator, motor/gear unit, and drive are displayed graphically, and the degree of utilization is shown as a bar graph.

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