Universal Robots (Odense, Denmark) introduced the UR3 tabletop robot that weighs 24.3 pounds and has a payload of 6.6 pounds, 360-degree rotation on all wrist joints, and infinite rotation on the end joint. The flexible, lightweight robot can work side-by-side with employees. The robot has 15 adjustable safety settings including force sensing that enables the robot to limit the forces at contact if it collides with an employee. Default force sensing is 150 Newton, but can be set to stop if it encounters a force as low as 50 Newton in its route.

The robot can pick up screws, and mount and tighten them with the correct torque. In gluing applications, the robot can dose exactly the same amount of glue with constant and steady pressure along a narrowly defined path. It features 0.1-mm repeatability, and can follow the outline of a surface by feel rather than through the programming of movements and coordinates.

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