PCB® Automotive Sensors Division (Depew, NY) offers MEMS DC response accelerometers for improving the precision of low-frequency vibration and motion in automotive applications. Available in full-scale ranges from ±2g to ±200g, the accelerometers come in single-axis (Series 3711E and Series 3741E) and triaxial (Series 3713E) configurations. The units include gas-damped, silicon MEMS sensing elements. Series 3711E and Series 3713E have a hermetically sealed titanium case, and Series 3741E units have a rugged anodized aluminum housing for harsh environments.

Electrically, the units include a single-ended (Series 3711E and Series 3713E) or differential (Series 3741E) output signal with power, signal, and ground leads for each channel. Supply voltage regulation permits operation from +6 VDC to +30 VDC, and the low-noise, low-impedance output signal may be transmitted over long cable lengths without degradation.

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