AeroGo (Seattle, WA) introduced the Air Caster Rigging Kit that contains everything necessary to move heavy, awkward, or delicate loads using compressed air. The kit is housed in a rugged and lockable storage box, and can be configured to accommodate numerous and varied load requirements in a variety of applications, handling load weights as heavy as 64,000 pounds. The kit uses compressed air through air casters, which distribute the load weight over a greater surface area than rollers or wheels. Load movement is omnidirectional, enabling heavy loads to be placed precisely, even in tight spaces.

The kit includes four Aero-Caster load modules to lift and float heavy loads, a control console to regulate air to the modules and compensate for uneven loads, four 20-foot color-coded air hoses with quick-disconnect fittings, aluminum tape to temporarily repair minor floor imperfections, an operations manual, and a rugged, lockable storage box.

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