Allied Motion (Buffalo, NY) released the Megaflux MFH170i series of 170-mm (6.7-in) diameter housed brushless torque motors. The series is comprised of the 170 series brushless torque motor, a digital servo drive, and a programmable optical encoder integrated into a rugged machined aluminum housing with duplex bearings. The motors feature a 63.5-mm (2.5-in) large-bore through shaft. Three stack lengths are available, with peak torque ranging from 8.5 to 16.9 Nm (75 to 150 lb-in), and rated speed to 1000 RPM. The standard winding voltage is 48V. The motors are designed as rotary actuators for use in semiconductor equipment, automated test equipment, scanners, gimbal systems, and applications requiring a rotary actuator with a large hollow shaft.

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