ADVANCED Motion Controls (Camarillo, CA) offers DriveWare® 7.3 (DW7.3) that streamlines and simplifies setup and configuration of DigiFlex Performance digital servo drives. The color-coded organization of the Drive Status screen helps quickly identify events and faults, while the integrated help browser automatically highlights appropriate help topics in the table of contents. The caption and status bars provide immediate visibility of important settings such as mode, command source, bridge state, gain settings, and feedback sources. Toolbars are organized into groups for common tasks such as standard navigation, drive configuration, command configuration, and Motion Engine.

Up to 16 unique Index Tasks can be created with defined position, velocity, and acceleration/deceleration values. Indexes can then be combined to form up to 16 different Sequences. The motion panel tool is used to execute Indexes and Sequences, allowing machines to be controlled directly by the drive without an external controller. Network settings can be configured for CANopen, RS-485/232, and EtherCAT including the configuration, editing, and mapping of RPDOs and TPDOs. CANopen TPDOs can be assigned to specific drive events.

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