Vacon (Milwaukee, WI) introduced the NXC drive, an enclosed, variable-speed AC drive for high-power applications. It is available in NEMA 1 and NEMA 12 variations for applications in pumps and fans, extruders, main propulsion and bow thrusters, conveyers and crushers, feeders and mixes, winches, compressors, test benches, static power supply, and industrial elevators. It is available with a standard diode front end, or with an active front end when there are requirements for low harmonic, and/or the capability of regenerating 100% of its power back to the incoming line.

The control compartment is easily accessible for relays, auxiliary terminals, and other equipment, with space for connecting power cables. Enclosures are simple to install with lifting lugs. The drive features a power range of 110 kW to 2 MW, voltage ranges of 380-500 V and 525-690 V, and a Rittal TS8 frame.

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