The DCH Series actuator control from American Control Electronics (South Beloit, IL) combines an AC-to-DC switching power supply with a regenerative PWM drive to create an all-in-one solution. The control is suited for applications requiring control of 12 or 24 VDC motors when only 115 or 230 VAC power is available. With an isolated front end, this series is compatible with a 0-5 or 0-10 VDC analog from any PLC. With an 8-bit onboard microprocessor, the control can be customized in many applications to replace a PLC. The series also provides an alternative to using higher-voltage controls with the output voltage turned down, which results in current spikes. The control includes an industry-standard microprocessor used on popular PLCs. A modified option allows for linear positioning control of actuators to within 1/1000 of commanded stroke length with the use of feedback resistors. Standard variations include options for torque, cycling, or positioning control. Standard I/O is 1 analog and 4 digital, with custom configurations available.

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