PITTMAN® Motors, a business unit of AMETEK Precision Motion Control (Harleysville, PA), announced IDEATM PBL4850E programmable 3-phase brushless motor controllers that let users create distributed standalone motion profiles without the need for additional motion control components such as programmable logic controllers or field communication buses. The controllers feature automatic population of motion profile parameters based on the entry of a few motor characteristics. The 4-quadrant brushless controllers utilize sinusoidal commutation. They incorporate two motion profiles: trapezoidal and s-curve.

The controllers offer programmable current control of up to 5.6A peak, with an optional current boost during ramping of up to 6.5A peak. With an input voltage of 12-48 VDC, they can accommodate a wide range of brushless motors. Hall cell signals are used for phase initialization, and an encoder provides positional feedback. The controllers communicate via a USB to mini USB.

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