Nippon Pulse America (Radford, VA) released the SL083 scaleless linear motor with a built-in linear encoder for positioning applications that would benefit from the repeatability, reliability, and robustness of a linear motor, with up to 5 μm in resolution. The motor consists of a tubular stainless steel shaft and a non-contact forcer. It requires no lubrication, and features a non-critical air gap that eliminates variation in the force. The housing is made of non-magnetic aluminum.

The design integrates a non-analog magnetic linear encoder into the linear motor, and simplifies the integration of the motor into applications, as it can utilize existing bearings in order to become an actuator. In addition to a built-in encoder, the motor has a built-in interpolator and Hall sensors. It offers real-time signal processing and a maximum speed of 4 meters per second.

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