The Ndrive QLe digital, panel-mount nanopositioning piezo drives from Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA) are designed for use with the Aerotech Automation 3200 (A3200) motion controller. The drives enable coordinated motion between piezo stages and servo axes at higher rates than other controller/drive products. Featuring a dual-core, 456-MHz, floating-point DSP, the drives feature position latching and single-axis or multi-axis position synchronized output (PSO) to generate pulses based on actual position feedback.

The drives use high-resolution A/D and D/A converters to enable sub-nanometer positioning resolution at high bandwidths. In addition to four optically isolated digital inputs, two highspeed digital inputs, and four optically isolated digital outputs, the drives are equipped with two analog inputs and two analog outputs. They offer an 18-bit analog input that can be programmatically configured to accept an external feedback sensor or position command. This analog input also allows the high-voltage power amplifier to be controlled directly by an external low-level analog input.

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