Celera Motion (Bedford, MA) introduced the MicroE Veratus™ Series encoders incorporating VeraPath™ technology. All interpolation, automatic gain control (AGC), and signal processing is performed in the sensor head that measures 35 × 13.5 × 10 mm. Interpolation in the sensor head provides resolution from 5 μm to 20 nm for linear applications, with speeds up to 5 m/s. The encoders feature multiple mounting configurations, industry-standard analog and digital incremental encoder outputs, built-in limits, flexible index selection, and status LED in the sensor head.

No additional PCBs, adapters, or dongles are necessary for the full functionality and resolution of the sensors. They can be universally applied with MicroE’s linear glass scales, linear metal tape scales, and rotary scales. The interface options are A-quad-B or 1 Vpp sin/cos. VeraPath technology is designed to filter out signal disturbances caused by scratches on gratings and by typical variations of metal scale flatness.

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