Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA) offers the HEX500-350HL high-load, six-degree-of-freedom hexapod for applications in sensor testing and high-force device manipulation. It is actuated with six struts that are built with preloaded bearings, ball screws, and drive components, and is driven by AC brushless, slotless servomotors that are directly coupled to the actuator ball-screw for drive stiffness and minimum incremental motion of 20 nm in XYZ and 0.2 μrad for θxθyθz. The platform and base can be modified with user-specific features or mounting patterns.

The hexapod is designed with a 150-mm-diameter clear aperture in both the platform and base to allow for workpiece access from the bottom. The base is designed with mounting holes to adapt directly to English or metric optical tables. The hexapod is driven by A3200 motion control software that enables programming and control of the hexapod in any user-defined coordinate system.

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