AEGIS® PRO Series Rings

AEGIS® PRO Series Rings from Electro Static Technology (Mechanic Falls, ME) divert VFD-induced shaft voltages to ground, protecting large AC and DC motors from bearing damage. Available for motor shafts to 30" in diameter, the rings are designed for high-current applications such as generators, turbines, and medium-voltage motors. Embedded in the channel along the inner circumference of the rings, six rows of conductive microfibers surround the motor shaft, providing millions of discharge points for harmful shaft currents, and creating the path of least resistance that diverts the currents away from bearings to ground.

The rings are available in solid- and split-ring versions. Solid rings are designed for installation on new or repaired motors prior to their installation. Split rings come in mating halves that simplify field installation around the shafts of in-service/coupled motors. The AEGIS® PRO SLR Ring is designed with O-ring barriers that prevent the ingress of dust, debris, and excessive contamination. The AEGIS® PRO-MR combines a PRO Bearing Protection Ring with a shaft voltage monitoring ring in a compact unit. It enables real-time monitoring of shaft voltage levels on motors in remote or hard-to-access locations.

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