Position Sensors

Kaman Precision Products/Measuring (Colorado Springs, CO) offers digiVIT, an eddy current sensor for position/displacement/proximity sensing with a self-tuning bridge. At the beginning of any of the linearity calibration options, the digiVIT detects the sensor coil parameters with the target being used. The bridge that balances the circuit is then automatically tuned for optimum performance for that calibration range and target material. The digiVIT will perform with virtually any manufacturer’s inductive sensor. All functions can be accessed through four pushbuttons on the front panel. All information is displayed on an integral digital display, eliminating the need to connect to a PC to perform a calibration. Temperature compensation calibration by the user is also possible. Other features include scrolling menus for setup and calibration, Ethernet communication, and pushbutton zeroing.

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Collision Sensor

The SR-48 Robotic Collision Sensor from ATI Industrial Automation (Apex, NC) is a patented, resettable sensor designed to absorb the “crash” and reset itself, virtually eliminating tool damage, downtime, and the need for human intervention. It can be used in a variety of applications, including arc welding. The sensor is adjusted to support typical loads experienced by the robot arm in all directions: angular, compression, and torsional. During the collision, the sensor can comply large distances in response to any type of displacement force. Following the crash, the sensor resets within 0.001" of its original position. Breakaway points are set at a given pressure independent of angular, compressive axial, or torsional load. The sensor has flexible mounting surfaces (easy-to-use threaded or through-hole patterns), reducing the stack height of the tooling and sensor assembly. A 3-wire PNP proximity switch, set to actuate within 0.020" of axial motion, ensures reliable switch performance even in highly humid environments.

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Rotating Torque Sensors

SensorData Technologies (Shelby Township, MI) has introduced the Dyno LaborSaverTM dual-range rotating torque sensor series. The sensors feature a 5:1 ratio capacity of zero to plus or minus full-scale, with a range of measurement options. The sensors allow for dual-measurement capabilities and extended capacities, allowing them to accommodate most dynamometer testing requirements as a single unit. Available in six base models and with a variety of customization options, the high-bridge sensors are offered in standard ranges from 100 to 500,000 lb-inches.

The low-range bridge is available in capacities from 0 to ±1/5 full- scale of the higher range. Voltage outputs may be either simultaneous for both bridges, or selectable to suit customer requirements. They can be used within dynamometer test stand applications, particularly in which sensor access may be limited by space or installation environment constraints. The sensors are suitable for low-range torque measurement requirements in applications where high torsional spikes may occur.

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Permanent Magnet Motors

Gen2.0 PremiumPlus+TM Electronically Commutated Permanent Magnet (ECPM) motors from NovaTorque (Fremont, CA) are available in high-speed 3hp and 5hp 2400-rpm (maximum speed 3600 rpm) models. The motors are also available in 3hp and 5hp 1800-rpm models (maximum speed 2700 rpm), and utilize ferrite magnets in a flux-focusing design. Driven by variable frequency drives, the motors feature motor-only rated point efficiencies of 93.0 and 92% percent for 3hp and 5hp versions, respectively. They are packaged in standard NEMA frame sizes and mounting dimensions. The motors are available both in the mounting frame size typical for induction motors, as well as one frame size smaller. They are compatible with variable frequency drives (VFDs) from most leading manufacturers, including ABB, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Hitachi, Toshiba, Danfoss, Siemens, and others.

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Rotary Motors

Exlar Corp., a Curtiss-Wright company (Chanhassen, MN), has introduced SL Series rotary motors and gearmotors with a 75-mm frame size. The brushless servo-motors and gearmotors offer torque to 36 lbf/in. continuous and 73 lbf/in. peak. The motors incorporate the company’s T-LAM™ segmented motor stator design in which each segment contains individual phase wiring, limiting heat generation. Six frame sizes are available: 60, 75, 90, 115, 142, and 180 mm frames. The brushless servo design allows them to be used in closed-loop servo systems where electronic control of positioning and velocity is required. The motors and gearmotors are suitable for use in applications including automatic tool changers, robot manipulation, testing, indexing material cutting, and joining and fastening.

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Motion Controller

Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Vernon Hills, IL) has released the Q170MCPU-EIP motion controller that allows users to operate existing third-party control systems with the Mitsubishi servo motion system. The controller was designed to be used with third-party control systems that incorporate Add-On-Instructions (AOI). An AOI library includes a set of motion instructions that improve the functionality of third-party design and configuration software. The controller also allows users to create positioning applications within their existing programming environment, while using Mitsubishi’s MR-J3 and MR-J4 servo platforms. The controller is suited for applications where specifications require a third-party PLC and up to eight axes of servo control.

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