A remote-controlled, compact Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot (EOD) has been deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other worldwide locations to secure and transport hazardous, dangerous, or suspicious materials to a safe location where it can be disarmed or destroyed. The multi-axis robot has a twin-tracked design that relies on 24 VDC electric motors and gearmotors for motion control and propulsion. This design enables it to traverse nearly any terrain, including city curbs and steep sidewalks, stairs with an angle up to 45 degrees, and rocky, sandy, and hilly ground. The propulsion drive motors that power the twin tracks have a unique, high efficiency design employing rare earth magnets and an optical encoder for position feedback. These motors are compact, lightweight, and designed with custom winding characteristics that exactly meet the application's speed, torque, voltage, and current profiles, while maintaining an acceptable envelope size and weight.

The robot's shoulder axis consists of a very compact planetary gearmotor that can deliver up to 78 in-lbs of torque at output shaft speeds up to 70 rpm to rapidly assist in positioning and lifting heavy loads. The motor winding characteristics and gear ratio were carefully selected and evaluated to ensure peak performance while maintaining compact size and weight. As in all battery-operated vehicles, adequate motor and gearing efficiencies are of primary consideration when calculating and validating the duration of a battery charge.

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