As a leading supplier of fishing equipment and accessories, Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Co. provides customers with high-quality, competitively priced, cutting edge products that meet the highest possible industry standards.

That is why in 2003, when faced with the need to custom design threaded inserts that could be ultrasonically welded into a plastic frame for their 113H and 114H Senator and GLD series of reels, Penn Fishing Tackle chose Yardley Products. Among the nation’s premier manufacturers of precision engineered threaded metal inserts, Yardley was considered the ideal choice to design and manufacture geometrically customized inserts that could be quickly, easily, and cost-effectively inserted without concern of torquing or pulling out of the reel.

Prior to engaging Yardley in this project, Penn Fishing Tackle manufactured all of their inserts in-house, designed via an ultrasonic system for insertion. When developing unique inserts for the 113h and 114H Senator and GLD reels, they immediately caused nothing but problems, impacting production and delivery of these reels.

With several of the inserts pulling or torquing out of the reel, Penn Fishing Tackle determined the need to engage a specialist for this unique project was necessary. Peter Yaskowsi, plant manager for Penn Fishing Tackle stated, “After trying this process on our own and through another threaded insert manufacturer, we could not get the geometry exactly right. There was a certain amount of plastic needed to surround the inserts. There was something we were all missing that impacted the performance of this part. The quality of the product has been jeopardized due to this issue, holding us back from mass production and distribution to our stores. We then found Yardley. After engaging Yardley in our custom needs, they immediately had a solution that was easy to design, manufacture, and assemble, while cost-effective so not to affect the price of the reels. We then made the switch to Yardley and four years later, there have been no reported problems with any of these reels.”

Jim Stec, Director of Operations for Penn Fishing Tackle, is satisfied with not only Yardley’s engineering expertise but also customer service. “Beyond their reputation for excellent quality products, their proactive management of the entire process through the timely delivery of a finished product that has worked from day one continues to exceed our expectations.”

The 113H and 114H Senator and GLD series of reels are some of Penn Fishing Tackle’s most popular products and are used in various big game and recreational settings.

Yardley Products manufactures precision engineered threaded metal inserts for a wide range of fastening applications. Yardley inserts feature designs that lock them securely into plastic, metal, or wood base materials. Inserts are available for a variety of installation methods including molded-in, pressed-in, threaded-in, thermal, and ultrasonic insertion.

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