The Drive Technology of eMobility

What sounds so simple — namely, designing an electric vehicle segment by segment and compiling the different model variants by piecing together the modules — requires a large amount of development and coordination work and the right technology partners. To this end, a total of nine LEGs (Lead Engineering Groups), each responsible for a different technology (bodywork, safety, or memory systems), were set up for the StreetScooter project. One of these LEGs goes by the name of “Electric Drive,” and is led by Wittenstein. “How important the results produced by this LEG in particular really are becomes very apparent as soon as one realizes that 30% of the production costs for a StreetScooter are accounted for by the drive system,” explained Dr. Schimpf. “As a drive specialist, we therefore bear a huge share of the responsibility when it comes to the success or failure of the StreetScooter project, which is why we are investing our entire experience with compact and even miniaturized drive system solutions — with maximized efficiency and power/weight ratio — from other industries, such as aerospace and medical engineering."

The eMobility drive technology is a highly compact electric drive system from Wittenstein.

Of great importance to the StreetScooter project is that the motor, gearhead, and electronics in the drive modules are optimally harmonized to achieve maximum efficiency, and therefore the maximum possible range. Moreover, the drives conform to the strictest operating, safety, and reliability requirements. “All components are made by Wittenstein and optimally matched,” said Dr. Schimpf. “What’s more, we will be rolling out various systems one after the other — in line with the modular concept. This means we can configure drives for different performance classes and in different quantities while still exploiting the cost benefits of high-volume production for the individual components. And by realizing economically viable manufacturability of the drives, we are making a massive contribution toward achieving the $6,500 target price for the StreetScooter.”

This article was written by Dr. Bernd Schimpf, Head of Generating Process Management at Wittenstein AG. For more information, Click Here