Oilgear Co. (Milwaukee, WI) introduced the MFW and MVW fixed and variable displacement bi-directional high-speed motors, offered in two frame sizes and four displacements. Features are: cylinder mounted in polymerous journal bearings for special fluids, a hard-on-hard rotating group for greater contaminate resistance, a sealed front shaft bearing, metered hydrodynamic or regenerative braking, maximum pressure of 4,500 psi, and maximum speed to 3,000 rpm.

The MFW fixed displacement motor maintains constant torque with varying horsepower. Maximum torque is available at all times during operation. Horsepower output is approximately proportional to speed.

The MVW variable displacement motor operates with constant horsepower and variable torque, or with constant torque or constant horsepower. In operation, the motor can adjust speed over a 4:1 range when driven by a fixed delivery hydrostatic pump.