The plug-in General Purpose Relays from c3controls (Beaver, PA) are designed for use in motors and motion control devices. Base configurations come in Octal, Square, Flange Mounted, and Miniature Square, with pin and blade terminals (5A to 25A) from 1-pole up to 4-poles. Sockets are keyed for proper assembly. UL approved, the devices meet UL and CSA standards and requirements. The Octal Base and Miniature Square Base come in hermetically sealed models for use in Class 1, Division 2 Group A, B, C, and D hazardous locations. The 2-, 3-, and 4-poles units are available with ratings of 5A, 10A, and 12A. The devices are CE marked for global acceptance.

Motion Control Technology Magazine

This article first appeared in the October, 2006 issue of Motion Control Technology Magazine.

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