Copley Controls (Canton, MA) introduced the Model 800-1514 dual-axis servo amplifier for current (torque) control of brushless servomotors. The unit accepts encoder and Hall feedback data from a range of servo motor types. Drive torque is controlled by a ±10 V command from a motion controller or PLC, and uses CME 2 Windows software. The unit operates on a 20 V to 55 V isolated DC supply and delivers two independently controlled outputs (4 A peak, 3 A continuous), and communicates with the set-up computer via a RS232 link. Industry standard buffered encoder output, ±10 V torque command, and all control signals are optically isolated. The device provides 5 VDC output for encoder and Hall sensor operation, as well as dual-channel status indicators, protection circuits for voltage, load, temperature, and l2t current limiting. Dimensions are 6.58 × 3.9 × 1.17".