Saelig (Pittsford, NY) offers the FMOD-IPDCMOT motion control card that uses an Ethernet bus to communicate data and supply power simultaneously at distances of several thousand yards. Via its integrated Web server, the unit combines a 32-bit motion controller and the speed of the Ethernet communication protocol. The card may be powered externally, as well as through an Ethernet cable at powers up to 15W.

An embedded RISC processor, programmed with a 4-quadrant, 32-bit RISC PID regulator, refreshes power regulation up to 4KHz with a sampling rate of 20 to 2000 Hz. Brushed DC motors can be controlled in position or speed. Available modes include brake and free mode, open-loop, position control, speed control, and 10 different homing modes. Current limitation is automatic and configurable over TCP/IP to prevent motor overheating and wear.