Performance Motion Devices (Lincoln, MA) has announced the ION™ brushless DC drive, a network-connected motion control drive. The fully enclosed compact module provides network connectivity, power amplification, and motion control, and is available for brushless DC, DC brush, and microstepping motors. The module provides CANbus and serial communications, and accepts commands over the network to control trajectory generation, position loop, and current loop. The brushless DC ION controls a three-phase brushless motor using field-oriented control or sinusoidal commutation, and operates at 40 kHz with an output capability of 500 W.

User-selectable profiling modes include S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, and electronic gearing. Other features include hardware performance trace, one-the-fly profile changes, and PLC-style inputs and outputs. The module is suitable for medical, scientific, semiconductor, industrial, robotic, and general automation applications.