Maxon Precision Motors (Burlingame, CA) has introduced the EC-16 sterilizable brushless motor that has been assembled so that the coils are outside the rotor, providing good heat dissipation. Steam sterilization is specified at 273 °F at up to 2.3 bar for 20 minutes. The motor can be sterilized at least 100 times in an autoclave. The diameter is 0.63" with a length of 2.2". Continuous output power is 40 watts, while maximum speed is 50,000 RPM. Ambient temperature range is -4 to 275 °F, and maximum continuous torque is up to 1.78 oz-in, depending on the winding. The motor uses high-energy samarium cobalt magnets for a mechanical time constant of 5 ms. A sterilizable gearhead is available in 55 ratios ranging from 3.8:1 to 4592:1 with a maximum input speed of 8,000 RPM.