The MR267 motorized potentiometers from Micronor (Newbury Park, CA) include a current loop controller (CLC) option that remotely controls the potentiometer and/or rotary cam switch via a 4-20 mA current loop, 0- 2.5 V input, or external potentiometer. The CLC option can be specified for any of the company’s line of modular motorized potentiometers, cam timers, or rotary limit switches. Rotary limit switches are programmed via cams to electrically control events or provide status at pre-stages.

The MR267 option operates from 24 VDC with an operating temperature range of -10°C to 65°C. They are available in single, multi-turn, 2-170 watts, wire wound, or composite pots. Applications include ramping up the field current of a DC motor or controlling the start-up of a generator.