Datastick Systems (Campbell, CA) offers the VSA-1212 vibration spectrum analyzer, a PDA-based vibration analyzer that uses off-the-shelf ICP®-type piezoelectric accelerometers for machine condition monitoring and maintenance. The system includes the Datastick® analyzer module that attaches to PDAs running Palm OS, the Datastick Spectrum handheld software that collects and displays vibration measurements, and Datastick Reporting System™ software that receives the data from the handheld into a Microsoft® Excel® workbook on the PC.

Measurement data is collected, viewed, analyzed, and stored on the PDA and then exported to a PC for further analysis and publishing to the Web. Cursor-position readouts on the main display show specific values when the user touches a point with the stylus. Up to 22 MB of recorded waveform and spectrum data can be stored. Six selectable windowing options are available, as well as 12 selectable frequency bandwidth options. Industry-standard BNC connectors connect with industrial-grade accelerometers.