Southco (Concordville, PA) has introduced CEMA E6 constant-torque position-control hinges for applications such as industrial and electronics enclosures, contoured headrests for automotive and airplane seats, and LCD display screens in industrial and medical equipment. The hinges provide the ability to position and hold doors, displays, or other components without gas struts or secondary mechanical supports.

Multiple torque ranges, in symmetric and asymmetric configurations, are available. The 200 Series hinges are available in symmetric torque formats ranging from 8 in-lbf to 16 in-lbf, and in asymmetric torque formats between 7.2 in-lbf and 20 in-lbf. The 400 Series hinges are available in symmetric torque formats from 8 in-lbf to 30 in-lbf, and in asymmetric torque formats from 12 in-lbf to 40 in-lbf. The hinges perform within 20 percent of nominal torque for more than 20,000 cycles.

The 200 Series hinges feature aluminum construction; the larger 400 Series hinges offer greater strength and positioning torque. Both styles incorporate hardened steel shaft and torque elements and are O-ring sealed for durability. Standard hinges are provided with black powder-coated finish, with optional finishes available. They are rated for an operating temperature range of -4 to 150°F.

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This article first appeared in the June, 2007 issue of Motion Control Technology Magazine.

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