The N-310 NEXACT ceramic linear motor actuator from Physik Instrumente L.P. exhibits a 10 Newton push-pull force with 20 mm travel and a maximum speed of 10 mm/sec. It provides picometer resolution, millisecond response time, and high bandwidth. The actuator measures 25 × 25 × 12 mm and weighs 50 g (1.7 oz.).

The actuator’s piezoceramic bending elements act on the ceramic runner, connected to the moving part of the application. The runner’s length can be chosen as required. Force capacity, resolution, and velocity depend on the piezo geometry and are also scalable. The actuator utilizes a linear (sweep) mode to move the runner for distances shorter than 7 micrometers; a stepping mode to move the runner over longer distances. The drive design reduces the operating voltage to 40 V and below. Because of its piezo-based design, the actuator exhibits no wear or backlash and is maintenance-free. It also exhibits high stiffness and is self-locking when powered down with nanometer position stability, and zero dissipation or servo-dither at rest.

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