The A4952 and A4953 single, full-bridge motor driver ICs.

Allegro MicroSystems (Worcester, MA) offers the A4952 and A4953 single, full-bridge motor driver ICs for use in brush DC motor drive applications. They are rated for peak output currents to ±2A, and operating voltages to 40V. Input terminals are provided for use in controlling the speed and direction of a DC motor with externally applied PWM control signals. Both devices feature internal fixed off-time PWM, where the maximum current can be adjusted by the user’s selection of an optional sense resistor and the voltage applied to a VREF pin.

Internal circuit protection includes overcurrent protection, motor lead short to ground or supply, thermal shutdown with hysteresis, under voltage monitoring of VBB, and crossover current protection. The A4952 includes a FAULT pin and the ability to change the behavior of the OCP latch based on the logic level applied to the RTRY pin.

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