MICROMO (Clearwater, FL) offers the series 2232/2250 BX4 CSD/CCD compact drive and integrated motion controller from Faulhaber. The series incorporates the BX4 four-pole brushless technology with a single-axis motion controller. The drives are available with an RS-232 serial or CAN interface. Configuration of the drives is performed using Faulhaber’s Motion Manager 4.4 software, which is included. The motion controller fits within the diameter of the motor, and is combined with the motor and a range of gearhead combinations to create a modular platform.

The drives have an operating temperature range from -25 to 85 °C, and provide a continuous current up to 0.69A with a peak of up to 3A. The speed can be controlled from down to 5 RPM and up to 8000 RPM. The drives have factory-preset current limits to protect the motor and electronics during normal operation. They can be supplied with separate motor and electronics voltage supply connections.

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