DSC sensorless brushless motor drives from Koford Engineering (Winchester, OH) provide a programmable sensorless control for operation for 12- to 32-volt applications, with current up to 10 amps and speed of up to 96,000 rpm with a 2-pole motor. The 240-Watt drives use a digital signal controller, which can be programmed to match a specific motor and load to allow starting even high-inertia loads without excessive current draw. Closed-loop parameters can be customized.

The drives can operate low-inductance slotless motors without external inductance. A 0-5V analog or pwm input, or a 1-2 ms pulse input can be used to set speed. The drives are suitable for pumps, blowers, and electric power tools. Because they require only three connections, only three feedthroughs are required for hermetic applications.

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