Hayward Flow Control Systems (Clemmons, NC) offers EPM Series CE and CSA approved reversing, quarter-turn actuators. Available in both on/off and proportional control models, the actuators are designed for use with ball and butterfly valves up to 24" in size, and with torque outputs from 300 to 13,500 in. lbs. Features include a modular design and an epicyclical gear design that provides torque transmission in a compact package. Proportional control model features include thermal management that uses proprietary microprocessor-based algorithms to automatically control motor temperatures in real time with closed-loop feedback, and user-selectable data logging and diagnostics for control functions using a joystick/menu interface.

Other features include four limit switches, internal low-power heater, position indicator, self-locking drive, clutchless manual override, thermal overload protection, and choice of operating voltages. Options include positioners, extended duty motors, feedback potentiometer, two auxiliary switches, local control station, and various power supplies.

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