Linear Technology (Milpitas, CA) offers the LTC3615 4-MHz synchronous buck regulator that incorporates a constant frequency, current-mode architecture. Low-resistance internal switches enable the device to deliver up to 3A of continuous output current from each channel. The regulator operates from an input voltage of 2.25V to 5.5V. Switching frequency is user-programmable from 400 kHz to 4 MHz. An adjustable Burst Mode clamp enables users to optimize light load efficiency. It can be configured to run in either pulse-skipping or forced continuous modes. Programmable switching slew rates reduce noise concerns. It offers inputs for tracking capability, as well as a DDR memory mode in which the device can source/sink ±1.5A. Additional features include optional active voltage positioning, a power-good voltage monitor, external synchronization capability, and thermal protection.

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