Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA) has released the AGS1500 series Cartesian gantry systems for ultra-precision, highdynamic contouring in precision micromachining, fuel cell manufacturing, solder-ball placement, printed electronics, high-speed pick-and-place, automated assembly, vision inspection, dispensing stations, and high accuracy inspection. The planar design minimizes dynamic pitch errors at the work point, and keeps the linear motors and linear encoders to the outside of the work area, making the gantry less susceptible to debrisinduced damage.

Brushless linear servomotors drive the gantry to speeds of 3 m/s and accelerations of 5 g. Dual linear motors and encoders are included on the lower axis, and the bearings are preloaded linear motion guides with wiper seals and grease fittings mounted to provide dynamic stiffness and load distribution. The rugged, noncontact optical linear encoders offer resolutions to 1 nm when coupled with controllers. All customer cabling and pneumatics can be routed through the system echain. Connectors are provided at the work piece and at the opposite end of the e-chain for machine integration.

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