Nidec Copal (Torrance, CA) has announced the HG16 RoHS-compatible DC motor with planetary gearbox. The 0.63" OD (16 mm) DC motor has three axial lengths that develop rated gear motor torques of 3.47 oz-in, 4.86 oz-in, and 6.94 oz-in. Six-volt, 12-volt, and 24-volt windings are available with each motor frame size for a range of applications. The planetary gearboxes are integrated with the DC motor to create a gear motor package. A 30:1 gear ratio is used with the HG 16-030 model, a 60:1 gear ratio with the HG 16-060 model, and 120:1 and 240:1 gear ratios with the HG 16-120 and HG 16-240 models, respectively. A total of 12 models are available depending on the input voltages and gearbox ratios. Many models can be supplied with a 0.060" OD (1.5 mm) rear shaft for encoders.

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