Nexen (Vadnais Heights, MN) has introduced the Eclipse line of servomotor brakes designed to mount to servomotors up to 20 horsepower. The spring-engaged brakes are equipped with a split-hub, zero-backlash clamp collar for attachment to the servomotor shaft. The flange-mounted brakes can be used with standard servomotors for integrated brake motor modular functionality. They come in a variety of input and output flange/shaft combinations.

The brakes are designed for intermittent dynamic stopping, and holding and E-stop applications. Features include high torque from 2 to 125 Nm to sufficiently stall the servomotor, zero backlash, low inertia, and NEMA 23, 34, and 42 frame sizes. Seven size models are available with split-hub/shaft-collar shaft mounting, and square flanges range in size from 57 to 265 mm (2.25 to 10.4").

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