Based on the Piezo Walk principle, the N-380/N-381 NEXACT® ceramic linear motor actuator from Physik Instrumente replaces classical lead screw actuators. It combines high forces and long travel ranges with sub-nanometer resolution in a small package. It provides 1 kg of push/pull force, 30mm of travel, and 10mm/sec speed.

The actuator has a self-locking, stiff design, and a 0.5in. front mount or clamp mount. Compared to conventional piezo actuators, the actuator’s stepping technology allows virtually travel and high stiffness. The piezo walk drive effects linear motion directly, without the need to transform rotation with gears and lead screws. Backlash and wear are eliminated, and the drive is maintenance-free.

The actuator can be controlled through USB, RS-232 interfaces as well as with a joystick. The controller comes with a variety of software drivers and programming examples.

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