The TA333 high-power linear drive from Trust Automation, San Luis Obispo, CA, combines a Class-AB linear amplifier with pure analog throughput at currents up to 25A. Highly configurable, the drive can be used with a brushless motor using external sinusoidal commutation, with an internally commutated brushless motor with Hall Effect sensor feedback for smooth trapezoidal operation, a 2-phase stepper motor, or up to two voice coil motors.

For applications requiring low electrical noise, the TA333 linear drive utilizes an external 24Vdc source of power for the internal logic. For applications not as sensitive to electrical noise, an internal 24Vdc source can be used.

Rated ±100V at 25A, the linear drive can be configured to interface with any motion controller with a ±10Vdc command output. High performance sinusoidal commutation systems require a motion controller with the capability to generate two ±10Vdc command signals. The third command signal is generated by the drive to maintain the highest level of precision. The TA333 can be set up to operate in trapezoidal mode using Hall Effect sensors as feedback. The drive also features DTS (Dynamic Transconductance Selection) control, which allows the transconductance to be changed on-the-fly, allowing very high resolution control without sacrificing power.

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