The SPiiPlus HP Series motion control module from ACS Motion Control (Plymouth, MN) is available in PC-based, standalone, or rack-mounted multi-axis controllers that support direct-connected servo or stepper motors and HSSI-networked drives. The series also features multi-axis controllers with up to eight integrated drives that can support direct-connected servo motors, direct-connected stepper drives, and HSSI-networked servo drives.

The module provides a 20 kHz update rate for all controlled loops, providing a wide bandwidth while delivering good dynamic tracking, fast and smooth settling at low and high velocities, and sub-nanometer position interpolation of sin-cos encoder feedback. Moreover, with the frequency response function analysis and filter design tool, users can quantify system bandwidth and stability by calculating and presenting the phase and gain margins.

Included with the module is an extensive software suite that shortens machine development cycles and time-to-market deployment. The software enables the implementation of highly complex motion time-event sequences with accurate positioning and timing.

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This article first appeared in the October, 2008 issue of Motion Control Technology Magazine.

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