An inexpensive optional hardware attachment for linear drives from Amacoil (Astron, PA) allows mechanically controlled ramp down of linear speed. The slowdown option requires no electronics or programming and may also be configured for dwell if the drive unit is required to stop. The slowdown feature is also useful in traverse winding drive assemblies for winding flat materials because it slightly increases the wrap time at the spool flanges. Operating completely independent of the drive motor, the mechanical ramp down feature assures a gradual reduction in linear speed before reversal, which dissipates the forward momentum of the load being moved to prevent shaking or jarring during reversal.

OEM designers will find the slowdown option does not complicate design. The only modifications to the basic Uhing linear drive assembly are the addition of the slowdown arm to the reversal mechanism and an extra end stop bolt on the assembly supports. Furthermore, production and maintenance personnel need not learn any special procedures or skills. Applications include moving overhung or cantilevered payloads in linear motion systems where it is desirable to minimize whipping or jolting of the payload.

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