Dytran Instruments’ 3234A series IEPE accelerometer is available in three versions with varying sensitivities and range. Model 3234A1 is rated 10mV/g, Model 3234A2 is 100mV/g, and Model 3234A3 is 500mV/g.

Suited for modal analysis, NVH, squeak & rattle and general purpose vibration applications, the accelerometer has ultra-low noise electronics, wide bandwidth and all titanium construction. It is also ground isolated. This accelerometer features a 10-32 mounting hole and its cubic design allows for adhesive mounting on multiple mounting faces.

The accelerometer features low impedance voltage mode (IEPE) operation. The self-generating seismic element, utilizing piezoceramic crystals in planar shear mode, converts acceleration to an analogous electrostatic charge mode signal. This very high impedance signal is fed to the input of a miniature on-board IC JFET charge amplifier that drops the output impedance level ten orders of magnitude, allowing this instrument to drive long cables without harming sensitivity and frequency response.

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