NASA Marshall innovators have developed the Fluid-Filled Frequency-Tunable Mass Damper (FTMD) that allows for significant distribution of loads while also providing a simple mechanism that allows for the capability to change its frequency of mitigation with negligible impact on the damper system.

The technology implements a fluid-based mitigation system where the working mass is all or a portion of the fluid mass contained within the geometric configuration of either a channel, pipe, tube, duct, and/or similar structure. A compressible mechanism attached at one end of the geometric configuration structure enables minor adjustments that can produce large effects on the frequency and/or response attributes of the mitigation system. This new technology enables structural engineers to set and change the fundamental mitigation attributes of the mass damper system with little to no modification of the fluid container.

Existing fluid-based technologies such as Tuned Liquid Dampers (TLD) and Tuned Liquid Column Dampers (TLCD) rely on the geometry of a container to establish mitigation frequency and internal fluid loss mechanisms to set the fundamental mitigation attributes. The FTMD offers an innovative replacement since the frequency of mitigation and mitigation attributes is established by the compressible mechanism at the end of the container. This allows for simple alterations of the compressible mechanism to make small or large frequency adjustments with relative ease and quickness.

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