Mounted Ball Bearings

SKF (Lansdale, PA) launched mounted ball bearing units with industry-standard inch series cast iron housings in several designs, inch or metric insert bearings, and several shaft-locking methods. The mounted bearing units are suited for light- and medium-duty industrial applications, including conveyor systems, fans and air-handling equipment, and similar machinery. Four cast iron housing types are available: pillow block units, 4-bolt square flange units, 2-bolt oval flange units, and tapped base units. The housings in an assortment of bore sizes are supplied pre-lubricated and with grease fittings for re-lubrication. Set screw, eccentric, or concentric shaft-locking mechanisms can be specified. The outside diameter of the bearing and the inside diameter of the housing have been sphered, allowing the bearing to swivel within the housing, and compensate for any errors in initial alignment during installation.

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Workholding Systems

RÖHM Products of America (Suwanee, GA) offers the Power-Grip Zero Point Clamping System, and RZM and RKE vises. The clamping system delivers both palletizing and clamping capabilities with one device and in single setups. The modular palletizing system is customizable, and workpieces can be positioned and clamped on the pallet outside the machine tool while it continues to work. The RZM Centric Vise features clamping jaws positioned relatively high, and a horizontal spindle situated at the top of the vise and closer to the jaws. The jaws are shorter and complement the vise’s overall height of 7.7" to reduce interference. The RKE NC-Compact Vise clamping system optimizes CNC machining centers. Featuring a solid steel body with its contact surfaces and guides hardened and ground on all sides, the vise offers chip discharge with fewer interfering contours. Protective caps and dirt protectors prevent chips from penetrating the inside of the vise body.

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EXSYS Tool (San Antonio, FL) offers EPPINGER HT-type hypoid gearboxes with Monobloc housings. A flexible flange and coupling system enables the gearboxes to be connected to servomotors. With solid steel alloy and hollow shafts for shrink disc connection, users can install the gearboxes in various positions with a choice of output side. The gearboxes are available in four sizes in the ratio range from i = 5:1 to i = 15:1. Heavy duty bevel gears provide high transmission precision and reduced load on bearings. Screw holes in the housing edges enable a stable connection of the gearbox for various installation positions. Steel alloy shafts with super-finished bearing seats serve as the basis for taper roller bearings, while positioning at the setting of the bearings is done through ground steel shims and splinting of the inner rings.

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Safety Couplings

R+W America (Carol Stream, IL) introduced two STN series safety couplings with conical clamping hubs for overload protection. The two sizes (2 and 5) cover disengagement torques ranging from 200 to 5,000 Nm, and shaft diameters from 45 to 80 mm (1.750 to 3.125"). Featuring a ball-detent safety element system, the driving and driven ends separate within milliseconds of a torque overload, releasing the motor inertia from the driveline. The driveline is free to coast to a stop after disengagement, and re-engagement requires that a force be applied to the back sides of the plunger modules, either with a mallet or pry bar. Disengagement torque values are adjustable in the field, and multiple ranges are available depending on the module configuration. The couplings are designed with an output flange that can connect to a pulley or sprocket. Shaft-to-shaft connection methods are also available with disc, elastomer, bellows, or gear coupling designs.

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Voice Coil Actuator

The NCC08-75-3000-3X non-commutated DC linear actuator (direct drive voice coil actuator) from H2W Technologies (Santa Clarita, CA) generates a continuous force of 300 pounds (1330 N) and a peak force of 900 pounds (4000 N) at a duty cycle of 10%. A moving mass of just under 8 lbs. (3.6 kg) allows for maximum theoretical continuous acceleration of nearly 38 Gs. The actuator has a stroke of 0.8" (20 mm) and a motor constant of 17.6 lbs/sqrt(watt). The motor requires 4 amps of continuous current and 12 amps of peak current in order to generate the specified forces. The actuator has a diameter of 7.47" (190 mm) and a retracted length of 8.15" (207 mm). The moving coil design ensures a hysteresis-free movement, as the bobbin is constructed of aluminum, while the non-commutated coil allows for ripple-free motion and no cogging. It was designed with a thru-hole in the magnet and coil assemblies for integrating a shaft and bearing system through the center of the motor. Alternatively, the actuator can be used in applications where a thru-hole would be necessary.

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Travel System

Dynatect (New Berlin, WI) introduced the Gortrac® Articulated Roller Support (ARS) Long Travel System, a cable carrier solution. The system is intended for applications up to 300 feet, and eliminates wear and tow force spikes from alignment or failure of guide troughs, glide shoes, and push plates. The articulating roller supports are mechanically actuated by the curve of the cable carrier as it passes through the supports. These supports allow passage of the cable carrier as it travels, and in turn provide support throughout the travel of the system. The system supports high-load, high-acceleration, and high-speed (greater than 5 feet/second) applications. Installation accommodates many styles of plastic cable carrier.

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