Linear Voice Coil Motors

Moticont (Van Nuys, CA) offers the LVCM-025-022-01 and LVCM-025-029-01 linear voice coil motors. The LVCM-025-022-01 has a stroke length of 0.375" (9.5 mm), a mid-stroke length of 1.30" (33 mm), and force-to-size ratio of 16.9 oz (4.7 N). The LVCM-025-029-01 has a stroke length of 0.625" (15.9 mm), a mid-stroke length of 1.68" (43 mm), and continuous force of 18.2 oz (5.1 N). The compact motors are suited for workholding and clamping, medical devices, assembly, testing, laser machining and drilling, wafer handling, optical focusing, dynamic vibration absorption, scanners, and laser beam steering and filtering. The brushless high-speed motors have zero cogging and feature a 10-32 UNC-2B threaded mounting hole in the center of the housing and two 6-32-UNC-2B threaded mounting holes on the coil end to add to new or existing applications. Metric series threads are available. Plug-and-play systems including an encoder and controller are also available.

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GAM (Mount Prospect, IL) released GCL cycloidal gearboxes for horizontal and vertical robotic and motion control applications. They are designed to withstand the frequent start-stop impact loads of industrial robots and other motion control applications and are available in a range of sizes with ratios from 36:1 to 192:1. Output options include component boxes with a solid flanged output (GCLC F) or a hollow shaft flanged output (GCLC-H). The solid flanged output gearbox is available with a cover and motor mount (GCL-F). The gearboxes can be used in robotics and automation, medical equipment, and where zero-backlash and high tilting and torsional rigidity are required.

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Robotic Finishing Tools

Fastems LLC (West Chester, OH) offers a range of automated robotic finishing solutions including grinding, polishing, deburring, and brushing processes. Robotic finishing eliminates variations common in hand-finishing operations and maximizes output of precisely finished parts. The robotic systems combine control and software technology, spindle choices, and a variety of process tools and accessories. Tooling for both pneumatic and electric spindles enables users to custom-tailor processes for specific applications. Process tools include burrs, brushes, grinding stones, abrasive and flap-style wheels, as well as specially engineered tools. Both on-line and offline programming options are available. Engineered accessories enable users to customize robotic finishing systems to fit their part requirements. Options include spindle cooling systems, tool presence sensors, application-specific process control sensors, and Renishaw touch probes.

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End-of-Arm Tooling

Piab (Hingham, MA) introduced end-of-arm robotic tooling that enables customers to build automated systems that fit their specific applications. The off-the-shelf standard products are available in a broad range of sizes and dimensions, resulting in a modular automation technology set comprising 600 different pieces of equipment. A full and flexible assortment of modular components makes it possible to rapidly put together an automated handling/gripping system that is configured for any packaging and/or palletizing task. Products also are available for high-speed automated robotic systems as well as for a variety of materials.

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Modular Encoders

CUI's Motion Group (Tualatin, OR) offers AMT21 series absolute modular encoders with multi-turn output capability. Offering 12 bits or 14 bits of absolute position information, the multi-turn units implement a 14-bit signed number turns counter for applications rotating beyond 360 degrees. Users can track position even during power down conditions, while the turns counter can be maintained via a battery backup, eliminating the need for a homing sequence. The encoders are resistant to dirt, dust, and oil typically found in motion applications. A high-speed RS-485 protocol for fast and low-latency position data is accompanied by a current draw of 8 mA at 5 V and a compact package with locking hub for ease of installation. The encoders feature accuracy of ±0.2 mechanical degrees at operating temperatures from -40 to +105 °C in either radial or axial orientations.

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Controller System

AutomationDirect (Cumming, GA) released the ReeR MOSAIC modular, expandable, and configurable safety controller system for managing all safety functions of a single machine or an entire plant. As a standalone controller, the M1 master module has eight inputs, two safety outputs, two status outputs, and two inputs for Start/Stop interlock (RST) and external device monitoring (EDM). By adding up to 14 expansion modules, the system can have up to 128 inputs, 16 safety outputs, 16 RST/EDM inputs, 32 status outputs, and Ethernet/IP or MODBUS TCP/IP connectivity. The master module, input expansion modules, and output safety and status expansion modules are DIN rail mount and 24 VDC powered; all modules have removable terminal blocks with screw contacts. EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP communications modules are available to connect to most industrial fieldbus systems.

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Stepper Motors

JVL Industri Elektronik A/S (Birkerød, Denmark) offers MIS171 to MIS176 ServoStep integrated stepper motors with a NEMA 17 42 × 42-mm flange. The motors include a controller with six different industrial Ethernet protocols, absolute multiturn encoder, closed loop, and M12 connectors. All necessary electronics in a stepper system are integrated in the motors, enabling their use in most motion control stepper or servomotor applications. The motors are available as standalone units with programmable motion controller or controlled from an external PLC or PC. Eight I/O points can be individually configured as digital input, digital output, or analog input. Modbus RTU or CANopen provide connection to a PLC or HMI. An ActiveX/OCX driver is available for interface to LabView, Excel, VB, or other Windows programs. Up to 254 axes can be connected on the same RS-485 bus.

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Multi-Axis Controller

Omron (Hoffman Estates, IL) introduced the CK3M programmable multi-axis controller with output speeds of 50 μs/5 axes. It enables fully synchronized nanoscale motion control by providing connectivity to virtually any motor or encoder using EtherCAT® and encoder communication protocols. The system also makes it possible to use ANSI C or an original programming language so that machine builders can create their own control algorithms. High-speed feedback control enables precise path control in precision machining.

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ABB Robotics (Auburn Hills, MI) offers the IRB 910INV ceiling-mounted SCARA robot that maximizes space efficiency and flexibility of each cell. The ceiling mounting also allows the robot to collaborate with other robots and machines simultaneously in the same footprint. It is suited for repeatable point-to-point accuracy in picking and placing, assembly, and testing including electronics small parts assembly tasks such as screwdriving, inserting, or mounting components, and automated inspection solutions for quality control. It is available in two variants: one with a maximum payload of 3 kg with 350-mm reach, and one with a maximum of 6-kg payload with 550-mm reach.

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Rotary Vane Pump

The Pascal 2021 HW from Pfeiffer Vacuum (Nashua, NH) is a two-stage rotary vane pump suited for applications where water vapor is expected, such as low-temperature sterilization and drying. An optimized gas ballast system allows pumping of large volumes of vapor without condensation inside the pump, preventing accumulation of fluid that would adversely affect the service life of the pump and the pump oil. The pump utilizes special materials to resist aggressive chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide. A safety device impedes the water from entering into functional sections of the pump if the steam capacity is inadvertently exceeded. Accessories include an oil mist filter and inlet traps. An oil drain valve simplifies maintenance in confined spaces.

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