Bearing Sensor

ABB (Zurich, Switzerland) introduced the ABB Ability™ smart sensor that enables health checks for bearings. The smart sensor technology provides an early indicator of potential problems by assessing the condition of bearings from vibration and temperature information. The sensor for mounted bearings uses algorithms to assess, manage, and ensure performance of components. The smart sensor mounts to the bearing and communicates wire-lessly via a smartphone or other device, enabling easy access to the health data of bearings in locations that are difficult or dangerous to reach.

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Explosion-Proof Motor

Larson Electronics (Kemp, TX) announced the EXP-MTR-1P-230-50HZ-0.5HP-3.6K-56 fractional explosion-proof motor for use in Class I, Divisions 1 and 2 and Class II, Divisions 1 and 2 work areas. It features a NEMA 56 motor frame and can be installed with industrial systems via an integrated mounting foot. The motor is thermally protected and operates with 230V AC single-phase 60Hz. The ½-HP motor offers 3.4 full-load amps and 2.5 amps of no-load current. This unit can generate 3,600 RPM and provides 0.751 lb. ft. of torque with 200% locked rotor torque and 280% breakdown torque. The motor is fully enclosed, fan-cooled, and features ambient temperature rating of 50 °C.

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Variable-Speed Drive

The GA800 variable speed drive from the Drives & Motion division of Yaskawa America (Waukegan, IL) controls traditional and emerging motor technologies through 600 HP in applications ranging from simple fans and pumps to high-performance test dynamometers requiring precise regulation. It also provides flexible network communications, embedded functional safety, and mobile device connectivity. The general-purpose AC drive features a high-resolution, multi-language display with setup wizards and datalogging; programming without main power through an embedded USB port; and an integrated brake transistor (up to 125 HP) for heavy braking. It is available in 240 VAC three-phase (1 to 150 HP) and 480 VAC three-phase (1 to 600 HP) models.

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High-Load Stage

Optimal Engineering Systems (Van Nuys, CA) introduced the AU200-170 × 170 low-profile, high-load, precision XY stage that measures 108 mm (2.252”) high with a footprint (including the motors) of 458.5 × 458.5 mm (18.032”). Linear travel of the X and Y axes is 170 × 170 mm (6.692”) and the resolution of each axis is 20 microns (non-microstep) or 1 micron (20 microsteps per step motor driver in use). Repeatability is 2 microns and the positional accuracy is 3 microns. The 4-mm-per-turn lead screws have 2 microns of backlash and the stages have preloaded V-groove and crossed roller bearings.

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Planetary Gearbox

GAM (Mount Prospect, IL) introduced the SPH Flange planetary gearbox based on high-precision helical gear technology. The helical gears are precision cut and ground for quiet and smooth torque transmission with a standard backlash rating of <3 arcmin for single stage ratios. For applications that require more precision, the gearbox can be assembled for further reduced backlash at <1 arcmin. The gearbox can be used when space is limited. The ISO 9409-compatible output flange allows for mounting of machine elements such as pinions, pulleys, or other adapters. To accommodate direct connection to machines, the gearbox features taper roller bearings set at a wide distance and a fully supported planet carrier for high-load-carrying capacity. The ring gear is machined directly into a single-piece steel housing for torsional rigidity. Offered in three frame sizes, it is rated for up to 450 Nm nominal and 675 Nm acceleration torque in the largest size.

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Power Controllers

American Control Electronics (South Beloit, IL) introduced PMB Series pulse-width modulation (PWM) controls. Using a 115 or 230 VAC power source, they are designed to run brushed DC motors up to 180 VDC. PWM technology creates a clean output voltage, which allows the motor to run at a cooler operating temperature at comparatively higher and lower speeds. The microprocessor-based controllers can be custom-programmed for OEM applications, including the ability to follow quadrature encoder feedback for speed or positioning control. The regenerative controls can reverse on-the-fly without any contacts on the motor armature. The user can regeneratively brake, decelerate, or coast the motor to a stop. The integrated dump circuitry eliminates the need for accessory cards and external relays in high-inertia applications.

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Motor Controls

The MDBL Series of configurable controls for brushless DC motors is available from Minarik Drives (South Beloit, IL). The drives control motors ranging from 90 to 280 VDC, up to 5 amps/1.5 HP, using either 115 VAC or 230 VAC line sources. Onboard trim pots allow operators to set minimum/maximum speeds, acceleration/deceleration rates, motoring and regening current limits, as well as proportional and integral feedback gains. An onboard microprocessor allows for custom programming for tasks such as changing the purpose of a jumper or trim pot, or programming an entire application-specific routine. The drives seamlessly integrate PLC-like functionality into operations, eliminating the need for a separate PLC or enhancing systems without PLCs. The controls are positioning-application capable, with feedback sampling rates of 16 Khz. Each drive is designed for feedback from 120° hall effect sensors. The drives are UL 618005-1 listed and NEMA 4X packages are available in both steel and plastic. They can convert 115 VAC input into 280 VDC output and feature diagnostic LEDs for power and status (e.g. undervoltage, overvoltage, short circuit/current trip, overheating warning/trip).

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