Motor Controller

TDK Corporation (Freiburg, Germany) offers the Micronas HVC 4420F embedded motor controller that features flash memory to 64 KB and SRAM to 4 KB to drive small brush-type, stepper, or brushless motors. It is designed to provide diagnostics capability in the field of smart actuators and offers built-in diagnostic features. The controller is part of the Micronas high-voltage controller family (HVC) for smart actuators that combines an ARM® standard microcontroller core with a range of additional functions. Powered by a 32-bit CPU core (ARM® Cortex®-M3) with 64 kB flash memory, the controller contains timers/counters, interrupt controllers, multichannel ADC, SPI, and enhanced PWMs with diagnosis functions. Features include a LIN UART with a LIN 2.x transceiver as well as voltage regulators to connect the device directly to the automotive board net (5.4 V – 18 V). Several power management modes help reduce current consumption. Various integrated digital and analog circuit units — such as comparators with virtual star point reference, current scaling, and an embedded programmable gain amplifier — allow users to minimize the number of external components.

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Stepper Motor

The HX56-100 hazardous-location stepper motor from Applied Motion Products (Watsonville, CA) features ATEX and IECEx certifications for Class 1, Zone 1 locations; UL-Listed for Class 1, Division 1, Group C and D locations; and Type 4X and IP66 rated enclosure. It is suited for locations where flammable gases, vapors, or liquids are, or may be present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures. The motor is designed for use with the STAC6-Q-H stepper drive that is certified for hazardous locations. Microstepping ensures smooth, high-resolution positioning. The drive is capable of running stored programs and has sufficient input/output signals to connect to multiple external devices or sensors.

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Differential Transducers

NewTek Sensor Solutions (Pennsauken, NJ) offers spring-loaded LVDTs that provide accurate dimensional feedback for a variety of position measurement and quality assurance applications including go/no-go measurements, automotive part quality testing, roller position/product thickness control, TIR measurements, and material testing under stress. Designed with a stainless-steel probe assembly and ¾“-diameter hermetically sealed housing, the spring-loaded sensors operate in environments with dirt, water, vibration, and temperature ranges of -65 to 220 °F. AC- and DC-operated versions of gage heads are available in ranges from ±0.050” to ±2.00” (1.27 to 50 mm). With electronics built into a spring-loaded assembly, DC-operated units do not require external electronics. AC-operated configurations can withstand higher temperatures and provide a variety of analog or digital outputs when connected to an LVDT signal conditioner. Customized options include extended temperature ranges up to 400 °F (200 °C), mild radiation resistance to 30 MRad, air extend probes, and custom spring rates.

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Linear Amplifier

The XL4s linear amplifier from Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA) is designed for closed-loop servo control of voice coil and single-phase motors, eliminating the non-linearities common with PWM amplifiers. The amplifier provides deterministic behavior, auto-identification, and easy software setup and features a multi-core, double-precision, floating-point DSP that controls the digital PID. All parameters are software-settable including control-loop gains and system safety functions. Features include an encoder interpolation feature, dedicated analog and digital I/O, fiber-optic interface, separate power connections for motor and control supply voltages, full-state feed-forward, 192-kHz servo rates, and look-ahead-based velocity control. The 192-kHz servo rate results in better tracking errors and part quality at high speeds in applications such as fast-tool servos, high-dynamic optical focusing axes, and high-speed pick-and-place machines. The amplifier can be panel-mounted in a machine enclosure, resulting in a smaller machine footprint and requiring less overall floor space.

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WEG CFW300 AC variable frequency drives from AutomationDirect (Cumming, GA) for three-phase induction motors are designed for motor speed control and other industrial control applications. The drives feature a compact size with contactor-style electrical connections (top in/ bottom out). Performance can be scaled to match the application by selecting WEG vector control (VVW) or scalar control (V/Hz). The drives include a built-in keypad and SoftPLC with WEG Programming Suite software for custom-tailored control schemes. Built-in I/O capabilities include four configurable (PNP or NPN) digital inputs, one 0.5 A/ 250 VAC relay output, and one 0-10 VDC/4-20 mA analog input. A variety of plug-in option modules for additional I/O and communications protocols can be added to extend capabilities. A remote keypad and flash memory module are also available.

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ERNI (Richmond, VA) offers the SMC Series connector and cable assembly. The dual-row, small form, 1.27-mm (.050”) pitch connectors provide multiple connector configuration options. Supporting both board-to-board and wire-to-board applications in the same connector series, they are suited for wireless remote applications in rugged industrial environments. They are available in pin counts from 12 to 80 positions and mezzanine stack heights from 8.0 to 20.0 mm in a standard configuration. Additional stack heights are available from 20.0 mm to 40.0 mm when utilizing board-to-board adapters. Several board-to-board distances are also available in coplanar and orthogonal orientations. The connectors include a mezzanine board-to-board extender option that allows up to 40-mm separation in extended-height, parallel applications. A female IDC cable assembly supports the wire-to-board requirements with various pin count options.

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Voice Coil Motor

Moticont (Van Nuys, CA) introduced the GVCM-051-025-01 linear voice coil motor with high acceleration/deceleration, high speed, zero backlash, high repeatability, and a 0.5” (12.7 mm) stroke length. The linear actuator is a replacement for hydraulic and pneumatic linear actuators. The motor has a high force-to-size ratio with 5.3 lbs (23.5 N) continuous force and 16.7 lbs (74.4 N) of peak force at 10% duty cycle with a housing measuring 2 × 1” (50.8 × 25.4 mm). The 0.1572” (3.993 mm) diameter shaft has an internal thread, and the housing has threaded mounting holes on each end for integration into current and future applications. The brushless actuator with internal shaft and recirculating ball bearing is suited for medical devices, testing, sorting, assembly equipment, workholding and clamping, laser beam steering and filtering, optical focusing, and dynamic vibration absorption. It also can be ordered as a complete plug-and-play system including a position sensor and controller.

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