Stepper Controller/Drive

Advanced Micro Controls (Terryville, CT) released the SD4840E2 DC-powered integrated stepper controller drive package with multi-protocol Ethernet communication. It combines drive and motion control technology into a single product and communicates with the host PLC over the EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, or Profinet network. Features include 0.1 to 4.0Arms output current, motion profiles including homing and electronic gearing, and E2 Technology — a multi-protocol approach to Ethernet distributed I/O that simplifies moving from one industrial Ethernet protocol to another. Vari-step velocity control provides smoothness independent of the user’s configured resolution.

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Bearing/Pillow Blocks

LM76 (E. Longmeadow, MA) offers one-piece ETX linear bearing/pillow blocks machined from a solid block of self-lubricating ETX. They have a low coefficient of friction and dimensional stability at higher temperatures. They are maintenance-free and travel on ceramic-coated shafting with a slight interference fit between bearing ID and shaft. The blocks are available in inch and metric sizes with a continuous service temperature up to 210 °F (100 °C). They offer chemical and abrasion resistance, low moisture absorption, and resistance to staining.

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Gradient Valves

Clippard (Cincinnati, OH) introduced NIV series gradient valves with multiple 2-way, normally closed solenoids connected around a central body. Each actuator operates independently, allowing for flow of various media to be mixed or for one media to be split into multiple streams. Features include low power consumption, minimal dead volume, all wetted areas in PTFE, high cycle life, and compatibility with corrosive and aggressive fluids.

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Integrated Servomotors

MDX integrated servomotors from Applied Motion Products (Watsonville, CA) combine a high-torque-density, low-inertia servomotor with an onboard drive and controller for applications including automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots. The motors feature control electronics at the back near the feedback device; no other external electronics package is required to drive or control the motor. The back of the motor also contains connectors for power, communications, and I/O. The controllers utilize the same command interfaces as external motor controllers including CANopen, RS-485, Modbus, and Ethernet as well as discrete I/O interfaces like pulse and direction. Command signals from a robot or machine’s central processing unit can be wired directly to the integrated servomotor.

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POSITAL (Hamilton, NJ) announced 2- and 4-wire versions of the single-cable BiSS Line interface for motor feedback kit encoders. Single-cable connectivity enables motor manufacturers, machine builders, and system integrators to build absolute position feedback into devices such as servomotors, stepper motors, and robotic joints. With the 4-wire version, there are separate wire pairs for power and data transmission with both wire pairs packaged in a single cable. For the 2-wire version, modulated data signals share the conductor pair with the power supply. Interfaces use BiSS open-source data communications protocols that offer Forward Error Correction to detect and correct transmission errors at the receiver.

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Robotic Programming

READY Robotics (Columbus, OH) offers the Forge suite of products unifying cross-robotic platform programming and control. The suite consists of the Forge/Ctrl hardware controller and Forge/OS software to control industrial and collaborative robots. The suite utilizes one user interface across multiple robotic brands, creating an intuitive programming experience. With a small installation footprint and an IP54 rating designed to withstand heavy industrial environments, the controller features plug-in pneumatic peripherals, sensors, and grippers. The software allows users to create programs via touchscreen while controlling peripherals, grippers, sensors, and pneumatic devices.

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Rotary Stage

The AY110-300 motorized rotary stage from Optimal Engineering Systems (Van Nuys, CA) features a 180-mm (7.087") open aperture. The rotary table of the stage has a pattern of threaded holes for mounting custom tooling and fixtures, and holes in the base for integration into new and existing applications. The diameter of the table is 300 mm (11.811") and the range of travel is 360º. The stage is also available with a servomotor and optical encoder. It features backlash of 0.0005° and positional accuracy of 0.001º for laser positioning and machining, testing, assembly, inspection, alignment, and other critical applications.

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