Linear Position Sensors

NewTek Sensor Solutions (Pennsauken, NJ) offers free-core and spring-loaded LVDT linear position sensors with 4-20 mA output capabilities for industrial monitoring and feedback applications. The sensors are suited for use in liquid level gaging, robotic automation, and industrial automation controls. Output signal integrates with a variety of PLCs, digital indicators, computer-based data processors, and QC data collection systems. Hermetically sealed versions can withstand dirt, water, steam, and other harsh elements. Constructed of TIG welded stainless steel, the sensors operate from 11 –28 VDC and are available in full ranges from 0.10" (2.5 mm) to 20" (500 mm).

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Explosionproof Motor Control

Larson Electronics (Kemp, TX) introduced the EPCS-MTS-3P-5HP-480V-PB.RG-3XPL explosion-proof motor control station for Class I, II, and III hazardous locations. The three-pole unit is rated for use in wet locations and features three pilot lights with start/stop momentary pushbuttons in green for run, red for stop, and amber for trip events. The unit is made of corrosion-resistant cast copper-free aluminum with an external flanged ground joint between the body and cover. The 18-amp motor control station has an IP66 rating and offers several coil and lamp voltages including 120 VAC, 230 VAC, or 24 VDC. It features three 2" NPT hubs for completing electrical connections — one on the top and two on the bottom. The device includes a pre-drilled mounting plate inside the enclosure that is removeable for mounting. Applications include indoor or outdoor general motor protection in hazardous locations where rain or water spray may occur.

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Autonomous Mobile Robot

Mobile Industrial Robots (Holbrook, NY) launched the MiR1000 autonomous mobile robot that can automatically pick up, transport, and deliver pallets and other heavy loads up to 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs.) through dynamic environments. With artificial intelligence capabilities incorporated into the software and cameras that function as sensors, the robot provides optimized route-planning. The cameras enable the robot to detect and recognize different moving obstacles and react accordingly. The robot has two flexible pallet lifts and can integrate different top modules such as conveyors, a robot arm, or other options.

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Bevel Gearboxes

Wittenstein (Bartlett, IL) released bevel gearboxes available in a range of sizes and output options. The NPK/NPLK/NPSK/ NPTK/NPRK right-angle coaxial gearboxes feature multiple interfaces; the CP/CPS and CPK/CPSK series feature a replaceable B5 output flange with a long centering component that enables a compact connection to the machine. The series features additional output variants and bevel gear stages to deliver <12 arcmin of torsional backlash in the coaxial version or <17 arcmin in the right-angle version.

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Motor Drive

Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA) offers the XC4 PWM digital drive, a single-axis motor drive designed for brushless DC, brush DC, voice coil, and stepper motors at up to 340 VDC operating voltage and 30 A peak current. The digitally closed current loop and servo-loop ensure positioning accuracy and rate stability. This allows loop closure rates up to 20 kHz and digital and analog I/O processing, data collection, process control, and encoder multiplication tasks in real time. Features include Safe Torque Off , a data array of more than four million 32-bit elements, digital and analog I/O, one-axis Position Synchronized Output, dedicated home and end-of-travel limit inputs, and an enhanced current sense device.

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Brushless DC Motors

The EC042B IDEA motors from Haydon Kerk Pittman, a business unit of AMETEK Advanced Motion Solutions (Harleysville, PA), are 42 mm in diameter and integrate a high-torque, brushless servo motor with an IDEA Drive in a single unit. They are available in three motor lengths with continuous torque up to 0.15 Nm with integrated inputs, outputs, encoder, and RS-485 communication. The motors can store and execute multiple programs with I/O driven nested, prioritized, and vectored interrupts as well as polled I/O for autonomous realtime control. Applications include lab automation, medical devices, communications equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, aerospace systems, and other applications where precision motion and compact packaging are critical.

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