Miniature Linear Translation Stages

PI, L.P. (Auburn, MA) offers the L-505 miniature linear translation stages for precision motion, alignment, and positioning applications where space is limited. They are available with integrated linear encoders providing 0.05-micron and 0.005-micron resolution. The new design allows for compact, multi-axis assemblies. Two basic layouts are offered: a shorter, lower-profile version with a folded drive train (motor side-by-side with the platform) and a longer, narrow inline version. Both come in two travel ranges of ½" (13 mm) and 1" (26 mm). XY and XYZ combinations are also available. Motor options are servo and stepper motors in direct drive or gearhead configurations. The direct drive versions can achieve velocities up to 15 mm/second; the gear-motor versions up to 1 mm/second.

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Stainless Steel Gearboxes

ATLANTA Drive Systems (Farmingdale, NJ) released stainless steel gearboxes for applications that require washdown under high pressure. They are offered in three levels of corrosion protection, depending on the environment: Stainless Steel Shielded (L-Series), Coated Aluminum (Z-Series), and Stainless Steel (I-Series). The gearboxes are available in reduction ratios from 5:1 to 102:1, with output torque capacities up to 480 lb.ft. and input powers up to 5.4 hp. Features include housings with smooth surfaces, stainless steel 316L output shafts, viton seals with stainless steel 316L shield, hardened and ground gearing, all stainless steel 316L hardware, closed stainless steel 316L protection cap with o-ring, and fully modular IEC and NEMA C motor flanges.

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IronHorse® cast iron worm gearboxes from AutomationDirect (Cumming, GA) feature 3.25" input to output shaft distance in ratios of 10:1, 15:1, 20:1, 30:1, 40:1, and 60:1 with outputs in left-hand shaft, right-hand shaft, dual shaft, and hollow shaft. The gearbox C-face interfaces match NEMA 56C, 145TC, and 182/4TC motor frame sizes. Constructed of cast iron one-piece housings, the gearboxes are designed to change drive direction by 90 degrees, drive a load at a reduced fixed ratio of the motor speed, and increase output torque by the same ratio. They are mountable in any direction except motor-up.

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Robot Hand

THK America (Schaumburg, IL) introduced the Type TRX robot hand three-finger linkage system that enables the grasping of objects of various sizes and shapes. The hand integrates fingers, actuator, and a driver controller. The robot is available in compact and large models. The compact Type TRX-S weighs 320 g and allows for the transfer of a heavier object when attached to a robot arm. The maximum gripping diameter is 100 mm. The large Type TRX-L weighs 1,200 g and features a maximum gripping diameter of 150 mm.

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Diaphragm Pump

KNF Neuberger (Trenton, NJ) offers the FP 400 diaphragm pump that combines self-priming, the ability to run dry, and maintenance-free operation with a pulsation level comparable to gear pumps. Pulsation is less than 150 mbar and the pump delivers up to 5 L/min of liquid at back pressures to 15 psi, with complete linear control of flow between 10% and 100% of the nominal flow rate. Pump flow is fully stable with fluid viscosities ranging between 1 and 150 cSt; it handles viscosities up to 500 cSt with some flow rate reduction. The pump provides low-shear conveyance of sensitive media, low vibration, noise level below 55 dBA, a chemically resistant flow path material options for use with aggressive media, and an IP65 protection rating.

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Rotary Shaft Encoder

Advanced Micro Controls (Terryville, CT) released the DC60 absolute multi-turn analog rotary shaft encoder in a 60-mm package. The encoder offers analog current or analog voltage output and can be ordered with a full-scale output over any number of turns between 1 and 1,024. The analog output has 16-bit resolution regardless of the number of turns encoded. It features resolver-based technology for durability, comes standard with IP67 protection rating, and is available with aluminum or full stainless steel housing. It is available with either 2.65" flange or 58-mm servo mounting styles. The units come with an industry-standard M12 connector and are available with either an end or side connect option.

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Festo Corp. (Islandia, NY) announced the DHEF adaptive-shape gripper that automatically grips mixed objects with multiple shapes, unaligned objects, and numerous objects at once. The gripper gently forms around an object and can grip fragile items. It is suitable for human/machine interaction. The gripper uses a flexible silicone cap to draw an object in and capture it. Also available are DHAS adaptive gripper fingers for transferring or sorting fragile, oddly shaped, or tightly packed products that rigid grippers or vacuum cups cannot easily handle. Applications include transferring parts from tight packaging, handling sensitive parts, and moving parts to humans at manual assembly stations.

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