Rotary Position Sensors

Novotechnik, U.S. (Southborough, MA) announced industrial and redundant channel industrial versions of the SP 2800 Series rotary position sensors. The industrial version is offered in standard electrical ranges of 0° to 100, 308 or 345°, and custom ranges. It is sealed against dust, dirt, and water ingress to IP 65, and repeatability is to ≤0.03°. Independent linearity is ≤±0.3 % for 308 and 345° models. Operating temperature range is 0 to 120 °C with temporary one-hour operation at 150 °C. A two-channel electrically redundant version is available as well. Common specifications include life of >50 million operations, and mechanical range of 0 to 360° continuously. Maximum vibration is 20 g from 5 to 2,000 Hz.

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Pneumatic Cylinders

The CCL-IC series of compact pneumatic ISO cylinders from Aventics Corp. (Lexington, KY) is used in limited installation spaces requiring increased hygiene requirements. With nine bore sizes from 16 to 100 mm and maximum strokes to 500 mm, the cylinders feature smooth surfaces and light weight to ISO 21287 standards. The universal mounting concept allows installation without additional mounting accessories. The profile tube, head, and cap are made of anodized aluminum, with screws and piston rod made of stainless steel. Single and double acting, single or double rod end, and internally or externally threaded rod versions are available.

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Right-Angle Gearbox

The WPSFN right-angle planetary gearbox from Neugart (Charlotte, NC) features standard flange interface, integrated hollow shaft, spiral bevel gearing, and minimal installation height. The flange output shaft provides high torsional stiffness in turntables and other components requiring high precision and fast, cyclic operation. The gearbox incorporates a spiral bevel and helical gearing planetary stage, and operates with low vibration and backlash. It is EN ISO 9409-1-compliant, enabling the gearbox to be connected to turntables, linear units, and couplings.

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Compliance Compensator

ATI Industrial Automation (Apex, NC) offers the U1-050 Universal Compliance Compensator for use in tasks such as automated assembly, bin picking, loading and unloading machines, and robotic finishing. The unit complies in many directions to overcome misalignment between the tool and the workpiece. The patented mechanism is suited for high-endurance applications, and offers simultaneous X-Y lateral compliance, X-Y-Z axis rotation, and Z compression. The pressurized internal reset piston returns the device to a repeatable center. Stiffness can be tuned for specific payloads by varying the pneumatic pressure. It can be configured for either a PNP or NPN compliance sensor, and has an option for environmental protection.

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Electric Actuator

Curtiss-Wright's Sensors & Controls Division (Gilbert, AZ) announced the FTP215 Exlar® brand electric actuator, a high-force electric rod-style press actuator that offers forces up to 36 tf, making it a suitable replacement for hydraulic cylinders. The actuator is based on planetary roller screw technology, and features continuous force ratings to 36 tf (metric), 40 tf (short), speeds to 351 mm/sec (13.8”/sec), and stroke lengths from 150 mm (6”) to 600 mm (2”). Other features include IP65S (min.) environmental protection, pulley design for simplified motor installation and belt tensioning/maintenance, and a rigid circular front mounting flange that simplifies installation.

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Rotary Encoders

The PE18 ProxEncoder® non-contact rotary encoders from Joral LLC (Mukwonago, WI) are modeled in a threaded proximity switch housing. The 18-mm true non-contact encoders detect on-axis rotation with up to 0.5” (12 mm) air gap between the application and sensor. The encoders are encapsulated for an IP69k configuration that survives destructive conditions. Available in common communications including analog, quadrature, and CAN J1939, the units feature 0.10” (2.5 mm) axial misalignment, 30° planar tilt, and MIL-STD 202 rating for shock and vibration resistance. Available housings are anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

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Linear and Rotary Shafts

AutomationDirect (Cumming, GA) introduced SureMotion® linear shafts with surface finish of 10 RMS. Available in C1060 medium-carbon steel or 440C stainless steel, all shafts are heat-treated for additional hardness. Carbon and stainless steel shafts are available in 12, 24, and 36” lengths, and 0.5, 0.75, and 1.0” diameters. Hard-anodized aluminum supports offer shaft holding and are available in standard-height 6061 T6 black, and low-profile 6061 T6 gray aluminum designs. The removable-top design allows removal of the shaft while maintaining alignment with connected equipment during servicing. Alloy-steel fasteners are included. Hardened rotary shafts provide a surface finish of 10 RMS; models are available in diameters up to ¾” and precut lengths up to 36”. The 303 stainless steel grooved rotary shafts are available in 3” to 12” lengths, and are hardened and grooved for retaining rings with spacings to fit typical bearings.

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Stepper and Servo Motors

Applied Motion Products (Watsonville, CA) introduced a range of UL-Listed and CSA-Certified stepper motors and servo motors. The stepper motors include both single- and double-shaft versions in NEMA frame sizes 17 through 34, with torque values from 31 to 1,841 oz-in. The motors are designed to work with Applied Motion stepper drives. The servo motors include J Series models in frame sizes 40 mm through 80 mm. Units feature a 10,000-count incremental commutating encoder and an IP65 rating for the motor body.

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Signal Conditioner

The NT-C-5000 smart LVDT signal conditioner module from NewTek Sensor Solutions (Pennsauken, NJ) features built-in null indicators and front panel pushbuttons to set zero and full-scale output. Designed to work with AC-LVDTs and inductive half-bridge LVRTs, the module offers a choice of four excitation frequencies and eight analog outputs, operates LVDT sensors over a 40-dB dynamic range of AC output, indicates most common system failures, and incorporates a 2-wire RS-485 digital communications port. Other features include color-coded plug-in screw terminal connectors, auto-mastering failsafe excitation syncing for multiple units, self-diagnostics for LVDT failure or disconnect, and digital communications via RS-485 2-wire multi-drop bus.

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Motor Controller

Nanotec (Feldkirchen, Germany) offers the NP5 plug-in motor controller suitable for brushless DC motors and stepper motors. A PCI Express connector allows for easy integration into a customer-specific board. The controller can control motors with a rated current of up to 6 A via FOC, Hall sensors, or sensorless control. In addition to position, speed, and torque control, operating modes with cyclical set value specification are also available for interpolated multi-axis operation. The controller can be connected to a higher-level controller via SPI, EtherCAT, Modbus RTU, or CANopen. In addition, the controller can be programmed so that time-critical subtasks can be executed directly in the controller, independently of the fieldbus communication. The controller is equipped with 6 digital inputs and outputs, 2 A/D converters, 2 encoder inputs, and one brake output.

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